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The Group is principally engaged in mining and ore processing, sale of self-produced products, trading of coals and steels, management of strategic investments, and providing specialist mining services. The Group now owns five vanadium-bearing titano-magnetite mines (namely the Baicao mine, the Xiushuihe mine, the Yangqueqing mine, the Cizhuqing mine and Haibaodang mine), one ordinary iron ore mine (namely the Maoling-Yanglongshan mine), one gypsum mine (namely the Shigou Gypsum mine), five processing plants (namely the Baicao processing plant, the Xiushuihe processing plant, the Hailong processing plant, the Heigutian processing plant and the Maoling processing plant) and one iron pelletising plant. Right now, the Group‘s annual self-production capacity (on a wet basis) of vanadium-bearing iron concentrates, ordinary iron concentrates, iron pellets and high-grade titanium concentrates amounted to 2,600.0 Ktpa, 150.0 Ktpa, 1,000.0 Ktpa and 280.0 Ktpa, respectively.

The Groups continues its proactive approach in reviewing strategies to diversify investments, improve operational efficiencies, optimise facilities utilisation and explore means to restructure its operating assets. The acquisition of significant stake in Mancala Holdings Limited will enable the Group to tap on foreign expertise as well as gain access to the technical knowledge in internationally recognised standards of efficiency, safety, environmental management and innovative training methods in mining operations. Both parties may also jointly explore and evaluate opportunities for strategic collaborations and/or joint mines development.