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Investment Bank Analyst(s) Date Subject
BOCOM Jovi Li 18 Mar 2014 The vulnerable condition of midstream industry spread to the upstream, Maintain Neutral
Jovi Li 09 Dec 2013 Results will take time to improve; Rating downgrade to Neutral
Jovi Li 02 Apr 2013 Results in line, 13 earnings gradually recovers
Jovi Li 04 Sep 2012 Roadshow Highlights
Rongjin Luo &
Jovi Li
28 Aug 2012 Earnings in-line; Revise TP
Rongjin Luo 16 Jul 2012 Significant drop in performance in 1H2012 exceeds expectation
Rongjin Luo 07 May 2012 Production volume of iron concentrates in 1H12 will decrease due to the periodic power supply restriction measures
Rongjin Luo 20 Mar 2012 Growth in performance exceeded expectation
Rongjin Luo &
Jovi Li
30 Dec 2011 Steady Resources Expansion
Rongjin Luo &
Jovi Li
01 Dec 2011 Roadshow takeaways
Rongjin Luo 10 Nov 2011 Structural adjustment is the focus, where keeping up of supporting measures is key - Brief comments on "12th Five-Year Plan" regarding the steel industry
Rongjin Luo &
Jovi Li
30 Sep 2011 Titanium Concentrate - The New Earnings Driver
Rongjin Luo 20 Sep 2011 Iron Ore Price Remains High
Rongjin Luo 19 Apr 2011 Mid-to-long term growth potential in sight
Rongjin Luo 15 Mar 2011 Earnings in line; steady growth in production
Rongjin Luo 17 Nov 2010 Corporate News
Rongjin Luo 17 Nov 2010 Acquisitions conducted on schedule; Reserve expected to surge
Rongjin Luo 01 Nov 2010 Iron ore demand rebounds on inventory building
Rongjin Luo 24 Aug 2010 High iron ore price boosts profit growth
CIMB Gary Cheng 20 Apr 2011 Initiating Coverage – Treasure Unearthed
Citi Scarlett Chen &
Claire Yuan &
Toby Shek
28 Aug 2012 1H12 NI Down 34% YoY, Suffering from Declining Ore Prices
Scarlett Chen&
Claire Jie Yuan
23 Apr 2012 Alert: Key Takeaways from Citi Metals & Mining Conference
Scarlett Chen 19 Mar 2012 Alert: 11 Profit Slightly Below, Margins Should Improve in 12E
Scarlett Chen 30 Aug 2011 Maintain Buy on Cheap Valuations
Scarlett Chen 17 Mar 2011 Key Takeaways from 2010 Annual Results NDR
Scarlett Chen 15 Mar 2011 2010 Results: Solid Earnings; Eyes M&A
Scarlett Chen 24 Jan 2011 Key takeaways from Citi’s Jan Commodities Conference
Scarlett Chen 22 Aug 2010 1H10 Result In Line With Expectations, As Guided
Scarlett Chen 23 Feb 2010 Buy: ‘09 Results Broadly In-line; Higher Finance Costs and SG&A
Scarlett Chen 08 Feb 2010 Announcement Crystalizes Acquisition Value; New TP HK$5.1
Thomas P
18 Nov 2009 Initiating at Buy: Attractive M&A and Asset Ownership Theme
CITIC Securities Yujiao Jiang 29 Jun 2012 Iron ore business grows steadily, and the opportunities for titanium business have emerged
Daiwa Alexander Latzer 16 Nov 2010 Iron ore acquisitions are positive steps to meet future growth targets
Alexander Latzer
Addison Dai
10 Sep 2010 Initiation of coverage: an undervalued iron-ore play in growing southwest
Deutsche Bank James Kan 23 Sep 2013 No near-term catalyst; downgrading to Hold
James Kan 02 Nov 2012 Trading suspended due to privatization consideration
James Kan 28 Aug 2012 Disappointing earnings but could be in the price already
James Kan 13 Jul 2012 Negative profit warning; while inexpensive valuation
James Kan 07 May 2012 Adjusting down 2012 bottom line by 7%; Buy maintain
James Kan &
Nam Nguyen
06 Feb 2012 Position at cyclical trough; reinstating coverage with Buy
Julian Zhu 14 Jun 2010 High earnings visibility; strong acquisition pipeline; Buy
Julian Zhu 04 Feb 2010 Second iron ore mine acquisition within one month
Julian Zhu 18 Jan 2010 China VTM: iron ore mine acquisition; Buy
Steven Tao 15 Dec 2009 More mines, higher margins; initiating coverage with a Buy
Finansa Eric Tomter 22 Mar 2011 Asia Matters Weekly
First Shanghai Hailin Zhao 31 Aug 2011 Interim Results In-line; Regional Advantages Ensure Steady Growth
Team Coverage 24 Aug 2010 Increases in volume and price of iron ore sales leading to significant profit growth
Team Coverage 18 Jun 2010 The largest non state-owned operator of iron ore mines in Sichuan – Expansion of resources and capacity
Guoco Capital Becky Yuen 21 Mar 2012 Corporate News
Becky Yuen 10 Feb 2012 Corporate News
Becky Yuen 13 Apr 2011 Corporate News
Becky Yuen 16 Mar 2011 Corporate News
Becky Yuen 28 Jan 2011 Corporate News
Becky Yuen 10 Jan 2011 Corporate News
Becky Yuen 14 Oct 2010 Corporate News
Becky Yuen 20 Sep 2010 Corporate News
Guosen David Lam 30 Aug 2012 Limited growth in iron ore capacity
David Lam 20 Jun 2012 No new capacity until 2014
Guoyuan Securities Mao Li 16 Mar 2011 Surge in Iron Ore Price Boosts Results
Huatai Financial Yang Shen Kang 22 Mar 2012 Revenue growth of titanium concentrates drives results performance
Yang Shen Kang 14 Oct 2011 Benifiting from production capacity expansion of steel enterprises, expecting future growth
KGI T. J. Hsu 08 Dec 2011 Titanium price rebound to boost 2012 results
Kingsway Zibo Chen 16 Nov 2010 Corporate News
Zibo Chen 16 Sep 2010 Leading iron ore producer focusing on Sichuan
MF Global Helen Wang 30 Aug 2011 Good to buy
Helen Wang 09 May 2011 Upstream expansion is underway
Samsung Securities Thomas Zhu 31 Aug 2011 Value to be uncovered
Thomas Zhu 15 Jun 2011 Value emerges in the iron man
Simon Francis 17 Mar 2011 Solid Growth Prospects
Simon Francis & Thomas Zhu 24 Aug 2010 Strong 1H10 results—buying spree to continue
Simon Francis & Thomas Zhu 11 Jun 2010 Developing a solid track record
Sinopac Jay Zhou 08 Jan 2010 Profitable by nature
Standard Chartered Yan Chen
Wei Ouyang
13 Sep 2013 Production loss to weigh on earnings
Yan Chen
Wei Ouyang
Yongxin Zhang
29 Aug 2012 Weak iron ore price weighs on 1H12 earnings (Please contact Standard Chartered for the report)
Yan Chen
Wei Ouyang
Yongxin Zhang
21 Mar 2012 2011 Annual Results Updates (Please contact Standard Chartered for the report)
Yan Chen
Wei Ouyang
05 Jan 2012 Acquisition of Panzhihua Yixingda mine positive for long-term growth
Yan Chen
Wei Ouyang
31 Aug 2011 Solid 1H earnings. Cheap valuations (Please contact Standard Chartered for the report)
Yan Chen
Wei Ouyang
22 Mar 2011 Pure iron ore play on cheap valuation with stable growth
Yan Chen
Wei Ouyang
10 Sep 2010 Expansion on track. Hidden value of vanadium yet to be reflected.
Yan Chen
Wei Ouyang
23 Aug 2010 China VTM Mining – 1H production and earnings affected by drought as guided; on track to deliver full-year target
Sun Hung Kai Derek Yew 02 Sep 2011 1H Production on Track; Maintain Buy
Derek Yew 16 Mar 2011 FY10 In Line
Derek Yew 23 Nov 2010 Further Value-accretive Deals to Boost Earnings
Derek Yew 17 Nov 2010 Corporate News
Derek Yew 17 Nov 2010 Further Acquisitions from Chuan Wei
Derek Yew 02 Sep 2010 Building on Economic Growth in Western China
Derek Yew 24 Aug 2010 Key takeaways
Derek Yew 23 Jul 2010 Company Update
Derek Yew 08 Jun 2010 Key takeaways